Nettie Jackson Extra Mile Award

Nettie Jackson Extra Mile Award



Nettie Jackson Portrait and Nettie Jackson with Children

Nettie Lee Jackson (1924-2013) was a compassionate and tireless lifelong advocate of quality education for all children. She was a concerned and activist parent, a community leader, a public school secretary, a union president, and a personal mentor to scores of students in the Greenburgh Central School District.

In her honor, the Nettie Jackson Extra Mile Award recognizes members of the Greenburgh CSD community who consistently perform outstanding service beyond their regular responsibilities and position for the benefit of the students and to the goal of excellence in education in the district. This award is presented annually by the superintendent of schools and the board of education.



The following individuals shall be eligible for nomination: employees, all members of the community, businesses, students, individuals who render service to the district, all friends of the district.

A committee of five members will be organized to consider nominations and to determine Award recipients. The committee will consist of the district superintendent, a representative of the Board of Education and three individuals from the community to be determined on a rotating basis.

The nominations will be kept confidential. Committee members are ineligible. All decisions of the committee are final. An individual may receive the Nettie Jackson Extra Mile Award once. In the event of a tie among the nominees, a maximum of three awards may be given in a single year.

All nominations must be submitted on the official Nettie Jackson Extra Mile Award nomination form available to download from the district website and the district office. Completed forms shall be submitted to the District Clerk’s Office. Nominations are good for the school year. The deadline to submit nominations for the 2022-23 school year is May 26, 2023.



The nominee shall meet above eligibility requirements.

The nominee consistently performed a service, act or other function that measurably improved the lives or performance of students of the district and supported the district’s goal of excellence in education.

The nominee’s actions were above and beyond his/her normal responsibilities or status in the community.

If an employee, the nominee’s overall performance record, and general good standing will be taken into consideration.



The superintendent’s office will notify the recipient of the award and the presentation date, a regularly scheduled Board Meeting. The notification will be an invitation for the recipient, his/her family and friends to attend the Board meeting.

There will be a formal presentation of the award at the beginning of the Board meeting. Photographs will be taken for publicity purposes, including the news media, the district website, E-News and the district newsletter.

The trophy, which is a converse sneaker on plaque saying "you went the extra distance for children"